Double standard, illustrated.

There it is; truth for your consideration.

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It gets even cuter the longer you watch it.

he jumps as high as he can and just plops down

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The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]




In the immortal words of Adventure Time, “Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

You’re not going to wake up one day & be the talented screenwriter you’ve always wanted to be unless you’ve put in the hard work and sucked at it first. Learn from your bad scripts, your good and your great scripts.


Hazelnut Layer Cake with Fig Compote + {Vegan} Cream Cheese Frosting @ Dolly + Oatmeal


Chocolate PB Apples


Aziz Ansari is a Feminist

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Watch Emma’s speech and take action


15 Vegan Oatmeal Ideas 


Staying motivated isn’t an easy task.

Why do you think motivational speakers exist? Why do you think Anthony Robbins makes millions of dollars selling his self-help books, tapes, and seminars? The truth is, you have to design your life around getting a consistent dosage of motivation. There are different ways to do this and it doesn’t just have to deal with making vision boards, putting up photos of vacation homes or the body that you want. It requires a clear understanding of the reasons why you want you want, an understanding of your internal drive.

Now, you can easily google “How To Stay Motivated” and you’ll find a ton of tips from a lot of different people. But, you know how we love to make things more convenient for you. So, here are the top 11 tips that we’ve gathered on how to stay motivated:

How To Stay Motivated 11 Quick Tips To Help You Stay Motivated in 2014 «< Read THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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thanks that’s exactly what i meant

Consistency is more important than intensity. It’s better to shoot for a moderate workout three or four days in a row rather than do one hard workout that leaves you too sore to work out for days.

Stephen Walker, Sports Psychologist (via motiveweight)

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